Why aren’t there more women in the tech industry?

The tech industry is known to be male-dominated as women are under-represented. However, women are 58% more likely to earn diplomas than men, 20% of women have chosen to pursue engineering degrees. However, only 11% of women are engineers. According to statistics, women make up less than 20% of tech jobs in the United States and only 5% of women are leading tech companies and owning tech start-ups.

There are many problems associated with the under-representation of women in the tech industry, the first dominating problem is the lack of mentorship and the small number of female role models in the tech field. In addition, the gender bias is also one of the dominating problems as it impacts women self-confidence and motivation. Unequal pay and opportunities compared to males is a significant problem that women often face when they decide to join the tech industry. Google for example has only 18% of women holding technical jobs.

According to the Adeva, the good news is that Fortune 500 companies having at least three female seniors have progressed by 66% in the return on capital, 42% in sales and 53% in the return on equity.

Next Generation Recruitment - Why The World Needs More Women in Tech

At MyCustomizer, our team is composed of 4 women and 6 men and we truly believe that the collective intelligence, teamwork spirit and the overall performance are positively impacted by the presence of women. We conducted an interview with our female colleagues to know their thoughts, challenges and advantages of working in the tech industry and here’s their take:

Laurence Provost, Web Developer at MyCustomizer:

“I do not believe that being a woman in the tech industry is a challenge in itself, because having been in another field before, I believe that the world of work is a challenge regardless of the environment. What I find challenging, but above all motivating, in the world of tech is the speed of adaptation and realization that occupies every working day. It is a field full of challenges, creativity, achievements, successes, that allows me to have a fulfilling professional life. I will also add that teamwork is a "wow" for me in the field of tech; it allows us to constantly improve thanks to daily exchanges. I love people and I feel like I'm surrounded by colleagues who I really appreciate and motivate me.”

Nadia Chicoine, Web Developer at MyCustomizer:

“The biggest challenge in tech, personally, is not having a female role model in my field. Through hundreds of programmers that I came across, there was a tiny amount. However, I like the openness of my colleagues, the creative side of the field and the freedom that this type of job offers, whether in terms of professional achievements or work-life balance.”

Kelly Guillette, Customer Success Specialist/Graphic Artist at MyCustomizer:

“When I used to work in technical support, it sometimes felt like  older men were judging my job because for them it was impossible for a girl to understand a computer better than a man. I cannot deny that this problem is getting smaller; however, in small cities and neighborhoods this way of thinking is still very common.”

Sanae Bachri, Marketing Manager at MyCustomizer:

“ For me, it is regrettable to have such lack of talented females working in this field. I feel fortunate to work in a company whom culture is about complementarity without hierarchy. In our company, doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, what really matters is your performance and your team spirit. I wish that one day people pay less attention to the sex gender and focus more on what is important: performance and persistence.”