Innovation is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction and customization is the key to innovation.  

Many brands are using customization, Rolex for example is offering a great variety of choices to their customers all over their purchasing experience, they should first choose their watch model, the material, the bezel and the dial. It also shows a live and realistic demonstration of its products to its customers.

Rolex - Customization

Tag Heuer, the swiss luxury watch manufacturer whose watch is the first Swiss watch in space by John F.Kennedy, is also offering a long story of customization and innovation through involving customers in the designing process by making them choose the material and color variations. They are a bit less flexible in terms of customization options than Rolex.

Tag Heuer Carrera - Customization Platform

Suunto, the finnish sports watches manufacturer belonging to the organization Amer Sports (including Salomon, Wilson, Arc’teryx and Precor), has a whole page on its website dedicated only for customization called “Customize”. When you click on it, you get automatically redirected to a list of customizable watches that customers can design by themselves with some pre-designed models for inspiration. Customers can change the models & cases, bezels, glasses, straps, buttons and buckles. They can also choose the colors and sizes of their charging cables and heart rate sensors if they’ve decided to include them in the order. The designs can also be shared on different social media platforms.

Suunto X MyCustomizer

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