Our Manifesto
The world is full of wannabes.
They wanna be this, they wanna be that.
Deep down, all they want is acceptance.
They want to feel like they belong.
To a group, to a tribe, to a church choir.
We don’t think you need to belong to anything or anyone.
We believe you are free to be whatever you want.
You don’t need to change for the world, the world needs to change for you.
You don’t need anyone’s approval, they need approval from you.
Express yourself by creating your own style.
No one tells you what to think,
No one tells you what to say
And no one tells you what to wear.
That’s why Undandy is Conspicuously inconspicuous.
Because in a world where everyone is trying to fit in and get noticed, the only way to be truly unique is to just be yourself.