When I start thinking about the 21st century, I’m a little disappointed.
The World is better in many ways and there’s a lot of amazing stuff out there.
But that’s the problem: it’s mostly about stuff.
I may have a problem with mass production. 
There’s something broken with that. Lately I have discovered an alternative:
Mass Customization.
So I decided to do something about it. 
Mass custom isn’t just about customization. It’s also about less stuff,
less pollution, a different consumption. It’s more about demand, less about offer.
It’s about the specific needs and less about standard solutions.
My company is in the center of all that.
Our job is to connect customers directly to the production lines.
We built the software that allows businesses to reach individually and personnally every single one of their customers.
We built the software that allows businesses to let their clients buy exactly what they want.
Without the sales and logistics nightmares. Without astronomical costs. Without infinite length of development time.
If we want to live in the 21st century that we deserve, the huge shift from mass production to mass customization
has to happen.
And we’re working on it!!!
- by Christian Painchaud