Pekota is releasing an innovative mass customizable way of buying furniture. We are proud to announce the SWITCH™ Stool, the first in the SWITCH™ Style line of mass customizable furniture. Available through an enhanced online interface, SWITCH™ Style allows customers to choose the colors, styles of components, and sizes according to their needs. Affordable, stylish, and made in Canada; the SWITCH™ Stool can be personalized and ships within one week with free shipping for Canada and US.

The stool is designed by Marco Pecota and features 3 styles of seats and legs, 8 colors, and both counter and bar heights. In all, this allows for over 1000 unique combinations. “We are very excited to release this new and innovative way of buying furniture online” says CEO and Creative Director

Priced between $149 and $199 with shipping, the stool is an easy and affordable way to create a special piece just for you. The number of unique combinations will continue to grow with the introduction of seat backs, more colors, tables, desks, and much more. In addition to the product itself, Pekota will strive to create a community for owners to show off their combinations, trade or sell limited edition components, and provide feedback on what they would like to see next.

The interface has been developed by My Customizer, and is already in use worldwide. Mass customization has been hailed by The Economist, Harvard Business Review and many other publications as an essential and inevitable future of retail goods. Pioneered by juggernaut manufacturers Nike, BMW, Motorola, and Levi Strauss, mass customization allows the consumer to customize their products quickly and easily. As Pekota takes a bold step forward, it will be one of the first in the furniture industry to offer the features and benefits of mass customization.

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