Colors are a communication language. They arouse emotions and convey deeper insights about personalities and perceptions. They also constitute an honest language, what you see is what you get!

Colors should be smartly used in companies as they really influence consumer behavior. According to Insights in Marketing, 85% of customers are heavily influenced by colors when choosing a product. Color combinations also influence moods and emotions.

Yellow is a positive color and is associated with spontaneity and childhood. It attracts attention and can also be used as a protection sign such as traffic lights. It is not widely used in luxury products manufacturing or clothing stores as it is childish and cheerful.

Green is the famous nature color, it signifies growth, safety and healing. Darker greens -such as the Desjardins' logo- are mostly used in banking services because they are associated with security, money and wealth. Lighter greens are used mostly for calming purposes.

Orange is energetic even though it is less strong than red. It is used for almost the same reasons as yellow, McDonald's for example is using it in the logo to stimulate appetites, that’s why you find it often in the logos of fast food chains. It also packs a lot of creativity and youth.

Brown is used for nature and is used mostly for law and construction logos due to its warmth and seriousness.  It is a deep and earthy color associated with richness and utility.

Pink is used more by women as it is a feminine color associated with softness and innocence. It is a gentle color and it conveys lightheartedness.

Blue is an authority, success and confidence color, widely used in financial institutions such as the Bank of America, IBM and PayPal, it is also used in almost all social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. It is rare to find blue in the food industry as it has a counter-effect for appetite arousal, it is also the most preferred color among men.

Purple is more noble, sophisticated and luxurious. It is usually related to mystery and rarely used for commercial purposes. Chocolate manufacturing companies are often using purple.

Red is an aggressive and exciting color, associated usually with energy, danger, love and passion. The color has a high emotional intensity as it has a “buy now” effect, it is also used to stimulate appetites by McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Domino’s Pizza. Etc

Black is the king of colors, represents mostly elegance and luxury. It is a strong color evoking class, mystery and authority. Black can be often seen in luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Cartier and Rolex. etc

Customers should have the right to choose product colors as they define their personalities and the way they think. Therefore, companies should include color customization in their products as this concept will both cut down the production costs and increase the loyalty rate among customers.

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