… “When I told Simon about starting an agency to get the Warrior contract he was quickly onboard. We said Let’s go for it, let’s grab that contract!

What a feeling! We named the company 12PUNCH (feels like kickboxing right?)! We were so pumped up and felt like we could make a dent in the web world! We ended up working for Warrior and New Balance almost exclusively. Designing, coding and supporting their online "customizers".

After about 2 years, we said, why are we building all this technology only for one client? Wouldn't it be better if we built a Software as a Service platform empowering any company to sell customizable goods? We needed to transition our business from Web Dev Agency to Tech Startup.

MyCustomizer was born. We attended the Startup Fest in Montreal where we met John Stokes from Real Ventures. and got in Founder Fuel, the largest startup accelerator in Canada. The Founder Fuel program was an intense and incredible experience where we built our business model and pitched in front of hundreds of people and investors.

Following Founder Fuel, we got a micro-seed investment from Real Ventures and BDC Capital. We had the wind in our sails… we did not know that we were about to enter what we now jokingly refer as the valley of death!

To be continued...