Memories might fade away but they live with us.

I remember when I was a young freelancer building websites for companies, a guy truly passionate about design, creativity and the Internet.

I will never forget that late night call I received from my client Michel Paul, that was the birth of my crazy adventure. I was taken completely by surprise when he invited me to work for his company, which he had just sold to Warrior (a division of New Balance). Growing up playing hockey and following the NHL, I never thought I would have the opportunity to work for a leading hockey brand. Sadly, I still had one year left to finish my bachelor degree in design in Montreal; however, I said “Man, go for it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

The news was also totally surprising (maybe shocking) for my parents, they were a bit worried about my academic career, yet (luckily) supported me to follow my dream and let it happen.

I still remember myself joining Warrior as the first hockey product designer in the company. At first, I was a bit stressed, yet very confident. I worked with Michel, a creative entrepreneur with whom I gained much expertise and knowledge, he was a product champion, a mass customization expert and a role model to me.

I was hungry for knowledge, passion and motivation have both pushed me to seek expertise and work hard. I got to learn a lot, we worked on products from total scratch until the launching stage and collaborated with the marketing team.

Thanks to this opportunity, I made it all the way to South-East Asia more than a few times to work with the manufacturers, sometimes alone!

Simon, my high school friend and my journey companion not to mention his crazy talent of full stack development, worked with me to develop the product configuration software for Warrior at that time. But that was just the beginning…

We faced a few technological challenges; but customized products were like a magnet to clients; and it was a massive success. People in the company were shocked to learn that it was all handled by two twenty-something guys.

And here comes the watershed day, they suggested to outsource the customizers' development to a separate agency…

To be continued…