“Digital technologies, especially the Internet, have made personalization and customization available to a wide range of consumers, making it more cost-effective to satisfy demand.”

A successful business is always searching for new ways to increase the number of clients they serve while delivering the best possible customer service and reducing supply chain costs.

Imagine being able to focus on making just the right amount of product instead of being tied to inventory cycles.  Imagine letting your customers purchase exactly what they want from your company, rather than convincing them to choose something from a limited set of options you prepared using data from the previous year.

This kind of production is possible through lean manufacturing, where logistics and supply chains are managed digitally to make customization a choice that is both easy and good for the growth of your business.

Eric Green identifies how lean manufacturers are laying the foundation for mass customization by learning to track and synchronize supply chains and manufacturing operations with great agility.  He believes customization will quickly become the standard in manufacturing, not the exception, and that even complex industries are moving this direction.

Adopting a digital solution may seem risky to a business because the owner is not confidant it will integrate with their existing market strategies. Standardization across platforms has improved exponentially since the beginnings of the Internet, and if your business serves a niche market, digital manufacturing and marketing solutions are becoming increasingly available to help you easily reduce finished-goods inventory, improve order fill rates, and prevent opportunity loss.

Soon customization will be the norm!  Be an early adopter and let technology take the guesswork out of your supply chain strategy.

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