Customization isn’t always about shirts, bikes or baseball gloves. It also leads the fast food industry as it is constantly increasing the competition aggressiveness between leading fast food companies.

McDonald's and Burger King  have always competed to offer the ideal burger for their customers. McDonald's ;for example, introduced its customization campaign in 1975 when it launched the first commercial demonstrating the burgers mass production. Customers can be assured that each burger is produced on the spot containing the same ingredients and served in the same order.

Burger King took advantage of this strategy by looking for another strategic competition: Mass Customization! It then launched the “Have it Your Way” campaign in 1974.

Burger King - Have it Your Way

"Hold The Pickles, Hold The Lettuce, Special Orders Don't Upset Us, all we ask is that you let us have it your way" was a perfect statement to fight McDonald’s “inflexibility” and costs worrying, it also positioned Burger King as a company that cares about customers.

In 2016, McDonald’s invested a lot of money on the Build-Your-Own-Burgers project. The McCustomization campaign was called “Create Your Taste”. McDonald's started the campaign in Southern California and is planning to expand it to thousands of locations supporting customers who want to build their own burgers and chicken sandwiches.

McDonald's - Build Your Own 

Each restaurant has its own touch-screen kiosk used for orders. Customers can pick a protein, a topping style as well as a drink.

Burger King is still maintaining its customization strategy by offering customers the choice to pick the ingredients they’d like to add or remove from their meals either in their self-order kiosks or their app.

Burger King - Self-Order Kiosks

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