Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channel to consider out of the digital marketing strategies . It is a highly effective way to attract new customers and keep the current ones interested. There are many email types:

The Welcome Email:

This email happens right after the subscription or the first meeting with the customer. This email should be immediate as your customers might forget that they have signed up for your service. It contains a welcoming sentence and a brief introduction about your service; it might also include your story and the best success stories you took part of.

Zoom - The Welcome Email

The Promotional Email:

This email is sent in order to boost sales, it can be in the form of bundling offers, discounts (early-bird discount for instance) or special offers.

Expedia - The Promotional Email

The Newsletter Email:

This email is a communication tool between you and your customers,  it can contain updates about your products, the new launches and business questions answered as well as blogs about topics they are interested in.

Academia - The Newsletter Email

The Post-Purchase Email:

It is usually sent right after the purchase is made. This email is a follow-up to a purchase in order to increase the probability of another buying process. It can contain review request and suggestions for other products.

Southampton University - The Post-Purchase Email

The Re-Order Email:

This kind of emails is used to increase revenues, they are usually straightforward and are used to remind customers of the purchase and push them to buy the same or different items. - The Re-Order Email

The question now is the following: What if my customers didn't open my emails? How can I increase the email open rate? How often should I email my customers? This question will be answered in the next blog!

To be continued ...