According to the Financial Times, Amazon displaced Apple and Google in the brands ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands. The list tells us a lot about the way brands keep their success and here are the main strategies they consider:

1- Respect your audience:
You should turn your customers into brand fanatics by proving that each one of them counts; they must feel wanted and appreciated through saying thank you from time to time, staying connected to them, memorizing what they like and delivering what you promise.

2- Bring positivity:
You need to create a positive brand image by committing to social media marketing, get involved in the community by showing up as an active participant such as volunteering for the good of the society or adopt partnerships.

3- Adapt to changes:
In the last decades, brands who have adapted to changes in a responsive manner were the same who maintained growth. For instance, after the mass customization revolution, many brands have decided to join the competition such as Dick’s Sporting Goods by offering customizable products after evaluating their competitors as well as the sportswear market. Therefore, you need to stay up to date and watch your peers constantly.

Dick's Sporting Goods X MyCustomizer - Mass Customization Trend

4- Learn from your peers:
Watch the strengths and weaknesses of your customers and try to evaluate their threats and opportunities. This is the best way to know what they need to add or remove for better branding image. Thus, you need to be the optimal solution for their customers to choose your services over your competitors’. Try to gather insights on your industry by getting to know the pricing and positioning of your competitors.

5- Work on your brand image:
Try to build a strong brand image because it really matters more than you think. Remember to control your objectives from time to another and assess your progress, write a vision statement to keep your motivation on. Create guidelines for your brand and imply them in your business culture, try to put all the pieces together by unifying the picture of your company, the whole experience should make customers feel the same about your brand.