Many marketers are often asking themselves the following question: “How shall I increase the open rate of my emails?”. Some of them answer the question by setting an effective strategy but many others still cannot answer the question efficiently.

The answer to this question is going to be in the form of steps:

Focus on interesting topics:
You need to provide valuable, tangible and “just-in-time” information to your customers. Before sending the email, ask yourself whether it is going to be important for customers to read it and why would they take action through it?

Take this blog as an example, why did you decide to read it? Simply, because we are providing you with an answer that you’ve been looking for.

Choose the right time:
There is no standard information about the right timing to choose for sending your emails; however, a MailChimp study suggests sending emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

MailChimp - Optimal send day of week

In addition, MailChimp confirms that the optimal send time is from 10:30 am to 3 pm, on the other hand, the worst time to send emails would be from 7 to 10 am.

Keep it casual: You don’t need to be overly formal to send a professional email, you should simply not sound like a machine. Try to pretend like you are talking to a friend because the last thing any person wants to deal with is automated and no-reply style emails as they are less practical in case the customer decides to take action.

Practice Follow-up Emails:
Do not give up on your customers, send follow-up emails when you don’t hear back from them but be careful, do not proceed with it too quickly. You should not look as a desperate salesperson who is really willing to buy the service. Try to wait before sending your second attempt.

MailChimp - Optimal send times by hour of day

Avoid the breakup email
We know that it is frustrating to send follow-up emails with no return, but try to be patient and stop for a while then go back to your process. Do not send emails saying that you think the customer is not interested anymore. Etc try to avoid sending emails for a while and then go back and talk casually about it.

Send customized emails Every customer should feel concerned when reading the email, they should also feel deeply targeted. Therefore, emails should be customized for each individual (include information about the customer such as their name and business). It is recommended to have a situation overview and a customized solution for each issue. Thus, product customization should also be in your bucket list to build strong engagement around your brand. For instance, B45 is a baseball brand that is listening to its customers by offering them customized products, the process allowed them to attract different tastes and increase customer loyalty.

B45 X MyCustomizer - B45 custom fielding gloves