Fun ideas to promote your customizer and boost your custom sales: create animated gifs!

The internet loves gifs; they’re easy to share, they play automatically in various social media newsfeed. They’re a great way to showcase a lot of images of your products quickly, and the best? They’re super easy to make.

Here’s a quick one I did with iRock Jewellery’s customizer. Keep reading for the instructions.

Go to your customizer and grab some screenshots of a few product options that you want to showcase. Crop your images to the size you like, making sure that each image is aligned. Add any other images you want to include in your gif sequence like a quote or your company’s logo.

Once you have all the images you can either load them up in a gif maker like ImgFlip which is a free online solution or use Photoshop’s animation tool to create your gif. I found a great tutorial here.

There you go! Your gif is ready to share on facebook, instagram, and anywhere else you like.