The new year is just around the corner.  This means it is time to look back on what we’ve accomplished and to plan what’s coming next.

2016 has been a record year for MyCustomizer. Just this quarter we smashed our current production record out of the park, building configurators for over 200 products.

We are ramping up our engines for 2017 and want to blast that number even higher, while maintaining our commitment to excellence and customer care.  Reports are being published about the future of manufacturing that project exciting developments for the role of customization.  According to, today 33% of manufacturing firms employ advanced digital technologies and by 2020 the number of firms with this capability will rise to 72%.

The report surveyed 2100 industrial companies in 26 countries including more than 50 big companies in India from sectors including Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Chemicals, Metals, Paper & Pulp and Transport & Logistics.

Data analytics will be assuming a larger role in decision making processes, with more than 90% of the companies using it to drive business decisions as compared to 53% at present. This will include predictive analytics as well which is increasingly becoming an important aspect of the entire decision making process.

As we’ve discussed on our blog before, there is no better way to generate data than to get your customers to give you their data and feel rewarded for doing so.  Customization is a tool that maximises what is called the ‘pride-of-authorship-effect’, which can influence a customer to pay up to 50% more for the a product they already know, want and love, and might even already own.  It also encourages them to share their excitement with their friends, which results in higher online engagement, which results in more accurate data.

There is a reason Nike and Adidas are investing millions per year in customization.  Once a company is able to harness digital technologies to offer a customization experience to their customers, they don’t go back.  

MyCustomizer offers you low-barrier and low-risk access to the same services.  In 2017 plan to be the company that leads the next wave of e-commerce.