Software as a service or SaaS is a growing trend and while the monthly fee might seem scary, there are actually many advantages of using SaaS that will actually save you money in the long run. 

The most obvious advantage is the fact that you don’t have to pay upfront fees to get started, but even then, some people don’t like the idea of paying every month. Here are 4 other reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of the monthly fee:

1.Super quick turnaround

Companies offering software as a service have an established system that works. This means you can start using it almost immediately. If you’re in the e-commerce business, this is especially important because it means you can start making sales faster!

2. Expertise and quality

Most SaaS companies offer only one or very few products. That’s a good thing because they are focusing their resources on building one product really well, and they are constantly improving it. This also means that they have designed the interface carefully, spent the time and money to test the user experience, the technology, and the functionalities. 

3. Indirect costs / focus on your core business

Sure you have a great team, but should they be spending their time trying to build new systems from scratch or should they be focusing on your core business? It might seem like a good idea to have your team build a piece of software from scratch, but if you account for direct, indirect and opportunity costs the bill gets bigger and bigger.

4. Maintenance, updates and support

Technology is constantly evolving. You can’t just build a piece of software and expect to be done with it after. You will need a dedicated team to make sure that it is always running smoothly, that it adapts to new devices and new technology. If you don’t put the time and effort in maintenance, your software can quickly become obsolete. If you don’t have a dedicated team in place, you’ll have to pay each time you want to update or debug. If your customers can’t complete their purchases on your site, then you are losing money! 

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