A lot of people misperceive the notions : customization & personalization. They often think they are synonyms; but you know what, they are not! Still, they have many criteria in common; they both aim for improving the marketing strategies of companies and increasing customer engagement, they also contribute to the unique customer experience one can have through freedom of expression.

First, let’s start by defining the two concepts.

Customization, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is the act by a company of producing large numbers of products, but with each product designed for a particular customer.

This process, done by customers, basically allows them to re-design all component of the product according to their own preferences, for example, Nike shoes are ready to get customized by editing the designs and changing materials/colors of each pair of shoes

Nike - Customize It

This concept is adopted by many other companies, Wilson for instance is offering customization for gloves, footballs, rackets, clubs, basketballs, volleyballs and bats by modifying the colors as well as the size and texts.

Wilson - Racket Your Own Campaign

With customization, the product is made to order. It will be produced on demand, based on the customer’s specifications.

On the other hand, personalization is about applying (printing, embroidery, heat transfer, sublimation, etc.) on an already existing product.

Dick's Sporting Goods - Customize Your Jersey

In the example above, customers can apply a player name and number; however, they don’t have the total freedom of editing the jersey itself.

This concept is common in the luxury fashion leading manufacturers, Louis Vuitton; for instance, excels at making customers personalize their own bags by hot stamping letters as well as drawing pictures in 18 different colors. Gucci, Burberry and Dior are also among the leading personalization practitioners in the luxury fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton - Personalization

Gucci, the famous luxury fashion brand, has also launched the DIY personalization service to take their luxury products to the next level! The service is available now with alphabets as well as different colors, styles and materials ( leather, crocodile. etc).

Gucci - Personalization 

It can be concluded from the research that the two concepts are completely different despite serving the same purpose: increasing customer loyalty!

You might think you have to choose between the two concepts, but in fact, many brands create great experiences with both customization and personalization.

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MyCustomizer x Dick's Sporting Goods - Customize Your Glove