Customization is simply about prioritizing customer satisfaction by delivering what a customer is exactly looking for; this concept goes back to the 1980s. Now, mass customization has become one of the necessities in each business industry, especially in the chocolate industry.

Chocolate is one of the most customizable products in the world. Many big businesses are now using this concept to promote their sales, Mars for instance has started customizing M&Ms 15 years ago.

Mars - M&M's Customizer

Another example include the Swiss Chocolate maker, Maison Cailler ( belonging to Nestlé) is currently offering high-end customization services such as tailoring gifts and transforming chocolate cravings into different “personalities” for either ordinary or corporate customers.

Maison Cailler - Customization Platform

The Canadian famous “Chocolats Favoris” is also using customization as one of their business core principles, the company decided to consider serious financial investment to please the different tastes of customers. Now, you can customize fondue cans for your special ones through Chocolats Favoris website by selecting the flavors, dressing up the fondues with the selected theme and choosing a picture with a greeting, this concept is called ChocoSelfie.

Chocolats Favoris - ChocoSelfie

The demand for Customization is increasing significantly in the Middle East as well since the Middle Eastern culture values uniqueness. The leading Saudi Arabian Ghraoui Chocolate company, for instance; is designing unique units with customized packaging in addition to flavours, colours, shapes and sensational messages. This strategy helped the company raise its market share in the industry and become one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.

Ghraoui Chocolate - Customization Services

& it is not over yet; 3D printing is one of the future trends that leading companies started to consider. In 2014, The Hershey company collaborated with 3D Systems to print different chocolate flavors through the Chocolate 3D printer CocoJet. This strategy allowed their targeted customers to customize chocolate flavors and textures.

Hershey & 3D Systems - CocoJet

All the examples stated above prove that customization is the future, don't hesitate to integrate this amazing trend into your business! It will definitely have a great impact on your progress. MyCustomizer's platform is designed to satisfy all customers from all industries, contact us or visit our website for more information!

And remember to ALWAYS stand out from the crowd!