Customization has always been viewed as an attractive strategy to drive customers to choose a brand instead of another. This concept has been used widely in the automotive industry, it consists of designing, engineering and manufacturing various components of a car to meet what customers are looking for. and it requires continuous R&D accompanied with digital technology improvements to provide a best-in-class experience meeting customers expectations.

BMW, the world’s most sustainable company and the 21st most valuable brands in the world (Forbes, 2016) is also offering a “Build Your Own” program for customers asking them to choose the features of the design, the exterior and the interior parts, the options as well as the accessories of the car including color combos of each feature.

The Leipzig company allowed flexibility for its customers by emphasizing on “mass customization”. It basically allowed clients to design their own cars using multiple options. The orders are then transmitted to the factory for production in the shortest delay.

BMW - Design Your Vehicle

In this example, customers can explore already designed cars and inspire themselves. There are more than 100 different colors to choose from, customers can also combine colors (Bicolor Paint) including dynamic coloring options (different color nuances), the lighting and details such as the Air Breather color as well as the interior’s material. The brand is also offering a wide choice of colors to the leather coverings even in colors combos. Customers can also add personalized monograms and signets.

Imagining “your own Ford” has never been easier,  Ford led the mass customization revolution since the beginning of the  20th century by offering many options for the very new 2019 F-150 truck. Clients can choose to change many configurations including , packages (equipment groups and standard features), engines (power trains), wheel types and accessories and unified colors for the interior of the car (no color combinations). On the other hand, Ford is differentiating itself by offering a variety of accessories such as bike rack option, tattoo on the car and safety kits to protect drivers.

Ford - Make it Yours

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