A story by Marc-Antoine Gariepy, Director of Marketing at B45 Baseball

After unveiling our new Custom Bat Builder, we are proud to launch our Custom Fielding Glove Builder! It is now possible to personalize your own glove from one of our top quality gloves series: the Diamond Series, the Pro Series, or the Elite Series.

You can basically customize everything on your next glove by choosing your leather grade and colors for the shell, wrist, palm, web, welting, binding, lacing, stitching, and embroidery.

You can also add your name and a flag of your choice.

Wondering what Series to choose? Here is the difference between them:

Made with Korean tanned steerhide leather. Pretty easy to break-in and ready to hit the field.

Customize your Diamond Series Glove

Made with Japanese tanned steerhide leather. Durable and stiff glove that makes it the perfect choice for the top players.

Customize your Pro Series Glove

Made with the best Japanese tanned European kip leather. Light, soft and durable premium glove designed for the pro players.

Customize your Elite Series Glove

Ever wondered what type of glove your should get? Two of our team members explain what is their choice of glove when they play.

Goefrey Tomlinson, Retail Operations Manager & Former Pro Player

As a professional player, my glove of choice was the Modified Trapeze. I chose this model because of one simple reason: security. As an outfielder, my primary task was to catch the baseball and get it to the infielder as quick as possible.

With ground balls, I prefer the trapeze over the H-Web because when I secure the ball in my glove, I need to be able to retrieve it as fast as possible, with a good grip on the seams, and I didn’t feel as secure with the holes in the H-Web. With the Trapeze model, I didn’t have to worry about my fingers getting caught in the holes of the webbing.

I also like the security in catching fly balls with the modified trapeze. The extra row of lacing at the top of the pocket of the trapeze makes for a sturdier pocket, which is very helpful in securing the ball while running at high speeds, or snagging that line drive in the gap.

Mathieu Vallieres, Product Manager & Former Pro Player

Throughout my playing career, I have tried many different gloves with different types of web. Playing different positions prior to college, I had to have a versatile glove but when I entered college, I found myself transitioning from the H-Web to the I-Web. One of the reasoning behind my choice was simple: I was going to play in the middle infield. I needed to be quick and get the ball out of my glove as soon as possible. The I-Web has a shallow pocket which allowed a quick transition from fielding to throwing. With a shallow pocket came a shorter glove. I always loved to play with a 11.5" glove because it allowed me to feel the ball in my glove and retrieve it as quickly as possible.

Working with MyCustomizer allowed us to build a complete and tailored user-friendly environment for our customers to design and build their baseball glove or bat exactly like they want it. Their team offers  great service and flexibility in order to achieve our goals.  

- Marc-Antoine Gariepy