If there is one thing millennials and gen zers’ like it’s the sense of having something unique to only them. Today individuality is celebrated and encouraged, kids and adults alike want the feeling of standing out from the crowd, and owing something they can say they personally had a hand in designing has become somewhat of a status symbol.

We have seen customizable shoes in the past with top brands like Nike and Vans, allowing customers to choose the color, style, or add a personal message to their shoes. In the coming years expect things to get more high tech, with more options to chose from and custom made shoes becoming more readily available thanks to new tech advances, the trend is expanding.

Why do people want custom made footwear:

The ever growing trend of customized shoes and mass customization, in general, is on a steady increase, and by 2020, customized shoes are expected to be one of the top trends in the fashion industry.

Customized footwear breaks boundaries and allows brands to deliver consumers precisely what they want, from a brightly colored pair of sneakers, or a pair of shoes with a personal message are just a few ways consumers can show off their individuality.

The old-school tradition of monogramming is on the rise again, the days where it was only for preppy private school kids, or moms with too much time on their hands is over. Today, consumers enjoy the feeling of having something on their clothing or shoes that are catered solely to them, it gives another form of self-expression and allows brands to connect closer with their customers.

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