Steve jobs was always a visionary, and 20 years ago he gave an interview to Wired Magazine where he shared some thoughts on the future of the web and mass customization:

“ The heart of the Web, will be commerce, and the heart of commerce will be corporate America serving custom products to individual consumers.” - Steve Jobs, Wired Magazine, 1996

It’s quite impressive to see how accurate he was about e-commerce. Keep in mind that in 1996, the internet was just starting to enter households, and people were using AOL and Netscape to connect to it. (Business Insider has a great article on the web in 1995 for those nostalgic or curious)

We’ve come a long way since then but it’s mind blowing to see how relevant his words still are today. Here are a few quotes from the article:

“ The Web is an incredible democratizer. A small company can look as large as a big company and be as accessible as a big company on the Web. Big companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars building their distribution channels. And the Web is going to completely neutralize that advantage.”

“ The best way to think of the Web is as a direct-to-customer distribution channel, whether it’s for information or commerce. It bypasses all middlemen. And, it turns out, there are a lot of middlepersons in this society. And they generally tend to slow things down, muck things up, and make things more expensive. The elimination of them is going to be profound.”

It’s a great read to start the new year. What do you think Steve Jobs would say about the future of the web today?