Olivier Scalabre leads BCG Ops Centers, a group of 100 experts dedicated to manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and services operations across industries. He knows a thing or two about how manufacturing can create growth.  

Below you will find his TED Talk where he talks about how a correlation between innovation and internet driven tech has laid the foundation for a manufacturing revolution that will help economies produce more and be growth leaders.

Tools that we use right now, like advanced manufacturing robots and 3D printing, help manufacturers produce with 8% automation. In 10 years it will have increased to 25%. This change means companies can start producing smarter products according the exact specifications for individual requests, in the same amount of lead time it takes to make hundreds of the same product.

Another important point Scalabre raises is the rising cost of off-shore production. It now costs the same amount of money to hire labour in Brazil as it does in France. By 2018, that’s in 2 years, manufacturing in China will cost the same as it does in the US.

He says Domestic consumption will be driving growth - in  5 years the next billion consumers in China will create more growth than the top 5 european markets combined. To take advantage of this opportunity, learn how the fourth industrial revolution can make your company more productive, more flexible, and affordable in your own country.

Watch the TEDTalk by clicking here