1. McDonald’s Build-Your-Own burger!

    Hungry? Even McDonalds is into customization! 

    McDonald’s clearly understands the attraction of customization, particularly for those in their 20s and 30s.” - Canadian Business

    "Welcome to the 21st century, fuckers." - Alison Stevenson, Vice


  2. Powered by MyCustomizer : Taiga Ultimate


    Taiga Ultimate are selling nice custom ultimate frisbee uniforms made in Montreal from ecological and socially responsible textiles.

    Here’s what they have to say about MyCustomizer : 

    "MyCustomizer provides Taïga with the tools to offer an interactive experience allowing our customers to order personalized team uniforms in minutes instead of hours. We love the simple choice navigation, the super fast photo-realistic product preview, and the order management system.

    The MyCustomizer team was always available to answer our questions and to help Taïga get the best out of their web platform. We recommend MyCustomizer to customization focused businesses.”

  3. Coming soon on MyCustomizer!

    Marcosi: unique handmade custom color leather shoes and accessories

    Discover their project on Indiegogo and share the word with your friends!

  4. We took the liberty to add MyCustomizer to the awesome Map of the Internet 1.0 by The9988!

    We are located on the Magento Island, in the E-commerce sea, part of the “BuSSiness” Ocean!

  5. How to never give up on becoming an entrepreneur. Great infographic by @vitalhack #hustle



  7. Marketing wisdom from Seth Godin | Inc.com

    What marketing mistake do most small businesses make?
    They believe in the mass market instead of obsessing about a micro market. They seek the mass market because it feels harder to fail—there’s always one more stranger left to bother. It’s the small, the weird, and the eager that will make or break you.

    Why are most marketing messages so dreadful?
    Because marketing is an artifact of the industrial age, and the industrial age is about mass and volume and average stuff for average people, produced in bulk. Of course, once you have an assembly line in the works, you’re going to play it safe…

    Read the full article here : http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/seth-godin-why-small-businesses-fail.html?cid=sf01002

  8. Another happy MyCustomizer customer!
    Design your own custom ZEPHYR hats here!

  9. Blink One Eighty Shoe!! How cool is that? 27117 instagram likes. #stoked


  10. Stay tuned!

    Something huge is coming soon! #hustle #masscustomization