1. Top 3 Most Important Brand Characteristic for Millennials : 

    1. High-quality products
    2. Would recommend to others
    3. Fits their personality

    We believe Mass Customization is a great way to achieve #3. Nike is not the top brand for nothing. They are mass customization pioneers.


  2. Excellent blog post by our friends at Prestashop!

  3. Abe Burmeister: How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience, Just Punk Rock Spirit (And The Web)




    It was one of those awesome sunny mornings in Montreal.

    On my way to the office, I walked in front of a handbag and accessories boutique — A very trendy-designer-chic brand I won’t name. 

    There was a big bold sign in the window : “NEW COLORS!”.

    Nothing wrong with that but… 

    If they leaned towards mass customization, they could advertise something like : “INFINITE COLORS!” or “YOUR FAVORITE COLORS!”…

    Wouldn’t that be more attractive?

    Let us know if you want to offer unlimited colors to your customers! :)

    - Renaud

  6. 12punch:



    Game of Thrones Nike Kits


    This is awesome. All of these and more could be done with MyCustomizer!

  7. MyCustomizer is proud to power Sweet Needle Co!

    Adorable, high quality garments, proudly made in the USA and completely #customizable.

  8. Mike Grandinetti’s keynote at CEIM in Montreal on Human Centric Design.


  10. Very cool stuff!